The Green Power Energy Solar Revolution

The green power energy solar revolution is finally upon us. Until recently, the world was dragging its feet on the topic of clean energy, but now even those in positions of power realize that the damage to our environment caused by coal generated energy can no longer be ignored. There is no reason not to embrace green power, either, since it is now affordable, thanks to advancements in solar energy technology.

Solar panels have been used for decades and have proven themselves to be a reliable energy source. However, the cost of going solar has been a stumbling block for many people in the past. The initial cost of solar panels and the tremendous amounts of power the average home consumes made solar energy something for idealists only.

Everyone wants to do their part in saving our planet, but we also have bills to pay. That’s one of the reasons why solar energy has not been embraced in the past. Now that solar energy is affordable, it is being used both as a supplemental and primary energy source in increasing numbers of households and even by large corporations.

Energy from the sun is collected in solar panels and stored for use as electricity. The technology for this has been in use for decades, but there have been many problems in reducing the cost of producing solar panels. Improvements in their design and construction has finally brought the cost of these panels down to manageable levels.

While the big providers of electricity are still reluctant to embrace the technology, the green revolutionaries are making it impossible to ignore it any longer. Our planet is in too much peril from the enormous amounts of pollutants our current power sources produce. Nuclear power is not a viable solution to the problem, either.

We simply cannot ignore the green power energy solar solution any longer. Let’s all get together and join the revolution!

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