What You Need to Know About Caravan Solar Solutions

Choosing an effective caravan solar system is actually much easier than you may think. In fact, solar energy is a wonderful option when caravaning or camping. It gives you the conveniences you have at home with energy as needed, but without relying on grid power. This means that you can head out to the most remote areas with your caravan and still enjoy the conveniences of energy as and when you need it.

There are a few things you will want to focus on with the first being identifying what appliances you will need to be running from the panel. Obviously the more appliances, the more power you are going to need. Appliances can be anything from your fridge to your television to any fans or heating you may use to make the caravan comfortable when enjoying the great outdoors.

Your next thing you will want to identify is the power usage of each of the items you intend to be using or add to your caravan. Check the specifications of your fridge, television and any other electrical appliances, maybe a stove, see what each one draws and then keep a note. This will help you identify what caravan solar solution you will need to ensure you enjoy your caravaning experience at all times.

From here you will need to look at the different caravan solar batteries to identify which ones you feel will manage the capacity you are going to need. This can be quite tricky, so ensure you do your research, check online and then calculate everything. It is advisable to choose a battery that will give you more power than needed, this way you can always add new appliances at a later stage.

The final big decision you are going to need to identify is approximately how many hours of sunlight you think your caravan will be exposed to each and every day. Remember the caravan solar panels attach to the roof of the caravan, so while you drive they soak up the energy and store it in the batteries. Knowing approximate hours of sunlight can ensure the battery you choose will charge fully so you can enjoy hours of energy as and when needed.

With all the information you have gathered up to now for your caravan solar solution, you can approach a solar specialist company. It’s advisable to do some research into the solar companies offering their services in your local area to ensure you choose the one that is going to provide you with the best products and service.

When choosing a solar specialist, it is advisable to learn as much about the company as you can. Do your research of their website and then do some online research, looking for independent review sites and online forums where you can find the real reviews from past and current customers. Ensure the company you choose has experience with caravan solar installations, so that you know they can provide you with the best advice and assistance moving forward.

Once you feel you have found the best supplier, you will want to provide them with the information you have collected. This is the information on the appliances you think you will be using and how much power each of draw. You will also want to provide them with information on how many hours of sunlight you think your caravan will be exposed to.

From here the specialist company should provide you with a design solution. They should make recommendations that meets your unique needs, along with fast delivery and possibly an installation service.

5 Ways to Make Money From the Energy Solar Cells Create

It seems that lately everyone’s been hearing about the environmental benefits of going green and embracing natural energy tools like solar cells, but no one is mentioning the numerous economic benefits which you get out of it, as well. This point is certainly not lost on me, however, considering the difficult economic times that we’re currently in.

One of the best things about solar cells is that these days, you can build your own fully functioning, money saving and making cells to power your home and you can easily do it on a budget and likely with a number of materials you already have lying around your home. In fact there are a number of DIY guides these days devoted to walking everyday people through how to put these tools together themselves. Anyways, getting back to it, here are 5 fantastic ways in which you can make money from the energy solar cells create.

Tax Breaks – First off, the government is very generous to those who live off the energy solar cells create. This manifests in the form of tax breaks, and with the Obama administration in place we’ll likely see more benefits come in recent months and years given their emphasis on natural energy solutions. The entire country is slowly moving in that direction, so why wait and hold off on what you could enjoying today?

Utility Costs – Considering that the average American household spends something like $200 each month to power their homes alone, you start to realize how much money you could be saving by using the energy solar cells create. That’s roughly $2500 each year saved!

Sell It Back – The power company will actually buy any power which you produce in a given month but don’t consume from you, the government pays them back to do this. In fact, many homeowners will construct multiple cells and make it their business to produce a great deal of energy solar cells create to bring in themselves an attractive second income. Homeowners with a great deal of extra land to devote to it can make enough energy to live off of essentially to just give you an idea of how lucrative natural energy is these days.

Sell your cells – As I mentioned, there are a number of DIY guides which detail how to build your own cells. To have these same cells professionally constructed and installed it would cost roughly $3000. This is proof that people are willing to pay top dollar for this technology so you could make a great deal of money easily putting extra cells together and selling them to others who are interested in saving money as you are, as well.

Home Value – Finally, the value of your home will significantly rise if you have energy producing solar cells. Other homeowners are interested again in saving money just as you are, so if your home runs on the energy solar cells produce, you’ve considerably added to the value of your home when it comes time to sell, so keep that in mind.

Why Should You Choose Solar Solutions To Power Your RV?

Winter is fast approaching, and this is the perfect time to take an RV road trip. This is also a great opportunity for you to turn into a responsible, ‘green’ citizen by ditching the traditional sources of electricity and starting to live on solar power. The warm Southern states are the preferred locations during this time. If you too are going there, you will receive ample amount of sunlight throughout the trip. Therefore, it will become a lot easier to rely on solar solutions and meet your power demands on the road.

Here are some useful tips on choosing the right solar solutions for your RV road trip:

Calculate the Power Consumption and Battery Capacity

You need to find out the daily electrical consumption of your RV before making a solar investment. As a rule, your battery capacity should be four times more than the total consumption of your RV. Understanding this simple thing will ensure that your batteries sustain longer and power the RV efficiently. As you know the desired battery size, you will find it easier to choose a solar system capable enough to meet the requirements.

Determine the Solar Panel Wattage

Before you install the solar panels, find out the amount of watts your RV batteries need from them. If you are traveling across the sunny Southern states, one amp-hour of battery capacity must have a support of at least one watt of photovoltaic (PV) output. This amount is sufficient even if you experience rainy or cloudy days.

Don’t Ignore the Tolerance Percentage

When you are selecting a solar system, do not forget to consider its tolerance percentage. Tolerance refers to the amount of power that a solar panel loses. For instance, a solar panel of 100 watts can produce 90 watts of power if its tolerance is 10 percent. Therefore, go for a system that has a low tolerance percentage.

Advantages of Going Solar in an RV

Extending Battery Life: Standard charging methods result in sulfation (a build-up of lead sulfate crystal) and water loss in the RV batteries, which can greatly reduce its lifespan. Solar charging, on the other hand, is a gradual process that keeps the batteries healthy for longer periods.

Minimal Maintenance Work: One of the biggest benefits of solar panels is that they require minimal maintenance work. Occasional cleaning of dust and bird droppings with water is enough to keep things straight.

Free from Electric Hookups: In your road trip, you may come across campgrounds that do not have any electric hookup. When you are relying on solar solutions, you can enjoy the trip without worrying too much about your charging needs.

This is the perfect time to invest in solar solutions, and enjoy a solar-powered road trip. Use safe and renewable energy, and do you bit in preserving the environment.