Earth4Energy – A DIY Solar Solution for Higher Electricity Bills

One of the bills that most people dread opening is the electricity bill. With unpredictable costs of fuel electricity rates are always fluctuating, upwards for that matter. Sure there are quite a number of things that we can do to save on the power but in most cases there is very little we can do around the house without electricity. The best solution is to find an alternative that solves the problem and get rid of electricity bills once and for all.

When you talk of alternative sources of energy solar is what comes in mind. But then again, how much does it cost to install a solar system and have it running? If electricity bills are a problem getting that solar power up and running is even a bigger one as it requires quite a lot of money but not with Earth4energy.

What is Earth4energy?
Earth4energy is a guide that provides easy and cheap DIY solar solution. This guide teaches you how to make your own solar panels and install them in your house. Most people will tell you, making solar panels is quite technical and requires trained experts. Well with this solar panel construction manual, you can be sure that you will be able to do it by yourself at home. In fact it does not matter whether you are male or female; even the ladies can do this using the easy steps stipulated in the manual.

The manual not only gives you the steps but also provides a detailed list of things that you may need to start making your own solar panels. The steps are also well elaborated using the easiest and most comprehensive way for anyone to understand. This is informing of pictures that shows you exactly what goes where and how. The instructions are also precise and clear hence chances of making mistakes are quite minimal. Better yet, you can get yourself an instructional DVD that shows you what to do practically.

So how do you know whether you have correctly assembled the panels or whether it is working? The Earth4energy manual doesn’t stop at just constructing the panels. There are additional steps that show you how to install the panels to your home and also different plans on how to do the wiring depending on your home. Earth4energy has also developed a solar calculator that will help you estimate how much energy you need for your home and how many panels you may need to produce that energy.

After everything is done and your solar is ready for use, you need to formalize everything with authorities. Earth4energy provides you with all necessary forms you need to fill out to begin using your solar. You therefore don’t have to go searching for these documents on the internet or offices.

How is Earth4energy beneficial?

– You get to save a good amount of cash previously spent on electricity bills.
– You can use the skills you learn from the guide to make money by making and installing solar systems for other people.
– Using solar means that you won’t experience any power cuts occasioned by electrical problems.
– As a bonus it also gives steps of making your own wind turbine.
– By using natural sources of energy you will also be playing your part in conserving the environment which can be quite fulfilling.

Anyone can benefit from this guide since solar energy is a free resource for everyone to use, we just have to harness it. It also gives you the choice of making just what you need hence you spend on only what is necessary. For anyone who would like to save some bucks, the Earth4energy guide would be a good start.