4 Simple Energy Saving Solutions

Most unfortunately, we are used to consuming electricity uselessly. Using electricity or power or energy, whichever you prefer to say, for no fruitful purposes means that we are either indifferent to the extra expenses of our budget or are noncommittal to the potential risks hidden in the environment. However, we can ensure that no extra energy is consumed or wasted and the risks of carbon are diminished. We have got several innovative Energy Saving Solutions that can help us in this regard, thereby helping preserve and sustain a green environment.

You must be aware of the fact that our natural resources such as coal are limited. We need to make it sure that we are not overusing them or using them fruitlessly. If you can afford to avoid using such limited natural resources, you can guarantee a sustainable human development. In fact, there are hordes of solutions that can show you how you can avoid consuming ‘non-renewable’ resources of our Nature.

For example, if we start using solar thermal heating system that collects energy from sunlight to generate power for our domestic, commercial and industrial purposes, we can save our environment from being polluted by the poisonous gas of carbon monoxide. Moreover, the sunlight is an unlimited source of energy and hence, it is renewable also. So, there is no potential risk of exhaustion also like coal, crude oil, etc. There are many energy-saving devices that are eco-friendly. These devices use only renewable energies, such as sunlight and wind, to generate power. Top of all, these devices do not emit any poisonous elements into the environment. Let’s have a look into the advantages of using these Energy Saving Solutions.

Solar Thermal Heating System: This uses a practical technology for healthy hot water production. This device uses a closed heat exchanger that transmits power to the appliances used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Water into the closed loop of these devices is heated by the sun and the heated water generates energy which subsequently helps in power generation. This process uses the sunlight as the source of energy, which is inexhaustible and does not cause any environmental hazards.

LED Lights: LED lights use a lighting technology that is economically sustainable. LED is the abbreviation form of Light Emitting Diode. The diodes are switched on with electrons releasing photons that eventually produce energy. This process or effect is known as ‘Electroluminescence’. These lights can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes and can better perform than CFL light bulbs. The performance of LED lights is 10 times better than CFL light bulbs and they can continue to work 50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They are found in different shapes and designs and are used for different purposes, including street lighting, traffic signaling, and also for household lighting purposes.

Photovoltaic Lights: Photovoltaic lights generate power by solar radiation process and are widely popular among domestic, commercial and industrial spheres. Monocrystalline modules and multicrystalline modules are the two popular types of solar PV modules. Their performance in generating power has been highly appreciated because of their guaranteed outputs of energy, even during cloudy days, mornings, and evenings.

Wind Turbines: Wind Turbines generate electricity using ‘free-source’ wind. In different countries like England, the Netherlands and many others, Wind Farming concept is popular. Groups of Wind Turbines create a Wind Farm. Anyway, long blades of these Wind Turbines are designed aerodynamically and are made of carbon fiber. These Wind Turbines can be installed in any regions, including mountainous areas, island areas, or farming areas.

With applying these Energy Saving Devices, we can help preserve and sustain green environment and streamline the sustainable human development project. A warning against unscrupulous use of limited ‘non-renewable’ natural resources has already been sounded. If we continue with the present expediency, we would eventually perish ourselves. Therefore, application of such Energy Saving Solutions is of utmost necessity and is considered to be the valid alternative, to save our Earth and to save us.

Energy Efficiency Solutions – Homemade Energy

As energy costs rise and the impact their production and consumption on the environment worsens, more and more people are looking for more power efficient solutions to save them both money and lessen the impact on the environment.

One method that has become increasingly popular is householders generating their own homemade energy. There are a number of different sources we can develop at home, including geothermal energy, wind power and solar power to name a few. Of these the most popular, efficient and viable form of homemade energy currently available is building and implementing DIY solar power kits.

Solar energy is a much more efficient solution to power our household needs than the current sources we employ. Solar is a much more environmentally clean solution and extremely efficient in that it is almost 100% used to generate usable energy, electricity on the other hand is not, it sheds a large percentage of its make up in the form of polluting by-products and emissions at all of the harvesting, manufacturing and consumption stages of energy creation and usage.

Being such an efficient and clean form of energy allows us to be more liberal with its usage than traditional power resources.

DIY solar power kits come in a range of shapes and sizes, you can even get instructional guides which guide you through assembling your own diy solar power kits with materials found in your local hardware store.

It is imperative as we step forward into a future which has to become economically and environmentally more responsible, that we seriously investigate alternative forms of homemade energy and discover and develop more energy efficient solutions.

Residential DIY Solar Electricity Home System – Renewable Energy Solar Power

Convert solar power, solar energy into Solar Electricity for a complete home solar electricity power system

There has been a remarkable revolution in the renewable energy throughout the world. Business and residential home owners are now starting to think about using alternative power source to fossil fuel generated electricity.

Large companies and medium size industries the world over need to realize their responsibility to reduce the toxic gases that are omitted into the environment from using fossil fuel generated power.

The internet has provided some of the answer for a lot of do it yourself home owners and small business that they can purchase diy home solar kits and packages with full illustrated step by step guides on how to build or make solar panels and home wind power generators

The whole process with renewable energy is to create solar electricity to power the homes and factories. This is achieved by converting sun energy and wind energy into household electricity.
Renewable energy, solar electricity, wind power generator, wind energy all can be build into a

Complete Home Solar Electricity Power System.

There are two options for the system, one is off the grid completely and the other is partially off the grid.

Option One. Completely off the grid means the home owner or small business install a system that will have batteries that refer to a battery bank and this battery bank will be set up and wired to produce 12 or 24 volts and this is achieved by connecting the batteries in a series or parallel.

An industry accepted standard is that a 24 volt system is superior to the 12 volt system but is a personal choice and of course a cost selection as you would expect the 24 volt system will contain more batteries. More batteries that are used and wired into the power system the better its performance and longer the system will last. Solar solution designers refer to battery discharge rate that affects the life of the batteries.

Complete Home Solar Electricity Power System produces 120 a.c. voltage required by the homes appliances.
What happens with the completely off the grid set up is the home is power at night by the battery bank and then recharged during the day with the solar panels.

What if.

It’s raining or cloudy the next day then this is when a lot of home owners build and install a home wind power generator to supplement the home solar power system while others may opt for an alternator/generator backup system.

Second option is partially off the grid which means at night the house starts to use the power grid electricity. A cost effective way to get started and easy to install and is a start to reducing your power bill and saving you money.

The power system can be added to as time and money allows. Most commonly used is in semi- remote areas where the power lines are within reach of the house.

Both systems if larger enough can produce excess solar electricity than what the load [electricity] of the house is using at any time during the day.

This excess solar electricity is feed back into the power grid and the power is credited to your account by using a special net meter supplied by the power company.

How it works.

You generate more solar electricity than you need, you put this power back into the grid and when you use more power than the home power system generates, you take it back from the grid up to a stage when you start paying for the electricity again.